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Talent idea

    The ability to determine the position, the contribution determines the value of the company adheres to the principle that human resources are the first resource, the quantity is applicable, because it can set the post, use the competitive mechanism of the upper and lower levels, stimulate the potential and creativity of the employees, and give the talents the conditions for growth. The improvement of value, the value of employees to the enterprise is measured by the ability and contribution of employees, and outstanding talents with good character, dedication, diligence, business ability and high work efficiency stand out.

    Make employees better, make the company more outstanding company pay attention to the career development of each employee, implement full staff training, establish a learning team, and develop and provide multi-level and multi-level professional training at home and abroad for employees, including new staff training, management Training, overseas study, visits, etc., to comprehensively improve the overall quality and business capabilities of employees. Through various types of training, not only the personal value of employees is improved, but also the continuous updating of the company's overall knowledge structure and the continuous improvement of the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

    Heart and heart communicate, each has its own opinion. At Ditai, the consistent purpose and pursuit of the work of superiors and subordinates is the desired result. The doors of the chairman and president's office are always open, and the company encourages employees to contribute ideas. A good talent should first have thought and eloquence in Ditai, and secondly dare to break the rules and put forward their own opinions.

    People are suitable for their position, suitable for their own people, and all-round development of Ditai in the use of people pay special attention to the investigation and adjustment of fitness. Once there is a suitable opportunity, employees will be transferred to another position, another area to reach new areas and challenge new goals. Therefore, we are all versatile people who are at home, and are confidently developing their own vision and career.

    The sky is high and the birds fly, and the sea is wide. Deyang Ditai Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is the stage for you to take off... If you are resonating with us, Ditai is the stage of your dreams, we sincerely welcome you to join.

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